Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 27/03/2019 Dow, Internship - Research & Development: Investigate effectiveness of Dow compatibilizers to improve recycled grades

Dow Chemical Company
Nieuw Neuzenweg, 4542 NM Hoek, Terneuzen, Paesi Bassi
Progettazione/Ricerca & Sviluppo, Biologia/Chimica/Farmaceutica, Ecologia e ambiente
6-12 mesi 
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Recycling of plastics waste is a challenge for all players in the value chain – resin producers, distributers, converters, and end users, as well as sorting and recycling companies. While recycling of rigids (HDPE, PET and PP) is quite ahead, the recycling of flexible packaging waste is in its infancy. Flexibles are a significant portion of the Dutch domestic plastic waste. Among the various hurdles, the key gap is the lack of cost-effective flexible packaging solutions which provide equivalent performance compared to virgin resins. A solution that Dow is putting forward is the application of compatibilizers in improving the performance of the recycled grades.

This project is experimental in nature. It aims at first characterizing the polymer microstructure, processability and performance of various recycled plastic types, and next investigating which compatibilized formulations are most effective in improving the final performance of the recycled polymers. The aim of this project is to identify solutions that can be applied to industrial film packaging applications.

Requisiti principali:

You are currently studying for a Bachelors or Master's Degree or equivalent in a technical Chemical discipline.

You have a good working knowledge of English.

This offer is not limited to graduation year students, more junior candidates will also be considered, based on talents and competencies.