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Airbus Operations
Paseo John Lennon s/n, 28906, Getafe, Spagna
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You will support in daily industrialization tasks on aircraft assembly:

  • Definition and implementation of industrial systems for all phases of the product life cycle (from studies/concept of the product to the series phase).

Support the team in:

  • Project planning and monitoring.
  • Industrial Requirements establishment.
  • Definition of industrial system. First sketch, creation proposals, creation processes, options / variants.
  • Improvements in existing industrial systems.

Support in the preparation of following deliverables:

  • Definition and dimensioning of layouts, manufacturing flows, number of stations, buffer, deadlines ...
  • Industrial systems models and simulations.
  • Industrial requirements for products / processes / technologies / means / resources.
  • Predictive industrial performance (CVAT, OEE, flow efficiency, capacity and increase of the industrial system, surface efficiency, CAPEX ...).
  • Evaluation and recommendations of "Lean" line design.
  • Proposals for industrial systems organization.
  • Implementation of industrial systems.
  • Evaluation of solutions for future and current industrial systems.
  • Delivery of models using simulation tools and industry techniques (such as flow simulation, 3D simulation, ergonomics.
Requisiti principali:
  • Recent Graduates OR Last Year Students in Aerospace OR Industrial Engineering
  • English: Negotiation
  • Spanish: Negotiation.