Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 11/07/2019 Universal Postal Union - UPU, Intern (geography, geomatics, geospatial technology, geo-information)

Universal Postal Union - UPU
Weltpoststrasse 4, Bern, Svizzera
Informatica/ICT, Engineering, Ecologia e ambiente
6 mesi 
L'offerta scade il 23/07/2019
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The trainee will be part of the Physical Products Integration and e-Commerce programme and will work directly with the Physical Products and Addressing Assistance Expert. The trainee will participate in the implementation of the mandate given by a UPU the resolution for the application of GIS to postal address development. Furthermore, he/she will contribute to find or develop solutions that could help countries to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by E-commerce while contributing towards the implementation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Responsibilities:

  • Conduct research on the challenges and requirements for using "geomatics" in the development of address infrastructures in member countries and assist in the drafting of an operational policy on the integration of GIS into postal addressing using the conclusions of the above-mentioned research; 
  • Identify, gather and assemble online and offline resources and materials for a "knowledge center" to assist member countries and designated operators to integrate GIS into address-related issues, such as infrastructure development, best practices, success stories and benchmark studies, as well as standards and guidelines
  • Help reconcile data and information gaps, particularly within country projects;
  • Support remotely, UPU member countries staff to perform general data analyses as requested;
  • Perform other data and information management-related duties as required. 
Requisiti principali:
  • Strong knowledge in Geography or Geomatics or Geospatial Technology or Geo-information;
  • Good knowledge and understanding of systems and methodologies for the measurement of positions, shapes and sizes of physical phenomena, structures and objects, natural and man-made, at, below or above the earth surface, as well as for the signalling and recording of changes over time;
  • Good knowledge and understanding of systems and methodologies for handling spatial information, including systems for management, storage, processing, integration, exchange and dissemination of geo-information;
  • Knowledge and practice of ESRI and QGIS software and database management;
  • Knowledge of programming languages Python, ArcPy, HTML/CSS/Javascript, is an asset;
  • Good reporting and computer skills.

In line with UPU rules, this traineeship is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for STUDENTS. Any other candidate profile will not be considered. Recent graduates in the areas described above are also invited to apply. They must have graduated within six months of the date of this announcement.