Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 25/07/2019 ABN AMRO Bank, IT Security Internship

Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi
3-6 mesi (da settembre 2019) 
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You will work on at least one of the following subjects; (1) innovating the current IT Security reporting tooling landscape, and/or (2) adding more data sources of existing IT Security processes to the current reports.Your activities will include:

  • Creating a plan to add new data sources of existing and new IT Security processes in the IT Security Reports.
  • Establishing more insight together with data owners in the current IT Security Reports.
  • Developing an innovation plan for specific areas within the IT Security reporting tooling landscape (e.g., roll-out plan for Power BI, connect data sources real-time with data-warehouse, etc.).
Requisiti principali:
  • You are at least a 3rd year HBO (BSc) student.
  • Your study covers Risk Management, Information Security, Cybersecurity, Information Management and/or Data Analytics.
  • Data savviness: you are skilled in mining or analytics preferably.
  • Problem solver: your analytical skills and creativity are well developed in order to come up with realistic solutions.
  • Team-player: you can easily reach and collaborate with colleagues, either helping them out or requesting some assistance.