Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 30/08/2019 Dow, Campus Internship: Research & Development: Evaluation of cosmetic active ingredients in skin care

Rue Jules Bordet, Seneffe, Belgio
Progettazione/Ricerca & Sviluppo, Biologia/Chimica/Farmaceutica
6 mesi. Inizio gennaio/marzo 2020. 
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With a strong background in cell, molecular biology and/or biochemistry, you will work on cutaneous research and in skin care actives delivery. You will contribute to the set-up and validation of new test methods and will evaluate existing and new cosmetic active ingredients in skin care applications. 
You will have the opportunity to work on Franz Cells and participate in primary skin cells culture and in the development of 2D and 3D models. You will evaluate protein expression by Western blot, immunofluorescence and ELISA techniques. You will also formulate those cosmetic active ingredients into different cosmetic formulations and will study their stability.

Requisiti principali:

You are currently studying for a Master's Degree or equivalent in Skin Biology, Molecular biology or Biochemistry.

You have a good working knowledge of English. Some knowledge of German is an advantage.

You have experience in working in a lab and safety is your priority. You have experience in cell culture, cell and molecular biology. You have a passion for applying innovative ideas and demonstrate curiosity and critical mindset in your activities. You have strong scientific method, statistics and project management expertise and excellent interpersonal and communication skills.