Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 09/09/2019 HID Global, Software Engineering Internship

HID Global
48 Rue Carnot, Suresnes, Francia
5 mesi (da febbraio 2020) 
L'offerta scade il 14/01/2020
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The main mission of the internship (80%) is to improve the ActivBuilder tool to meet user requests and adapt it to the latest continuous integration and cloud technologies such as containerization. A secondary mission (20%) is to turn ActivBuilder into an open source project.

Mission Details

  1. Update the tool’s regression test suite. This will allow the intern to become familiar with the overall software architecture and APIs.
  2. Develop an ActivBuilder plugin to build Docker images and automatically deploy them to Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR).
  3. Turn ActivBuilder into an open source project: cleanup and refactor the source code, make it available in a public repository and create build documentation.
Requisiti principali:


  • Computer Science Major, Post Graduate level student

Expected Skills

  • You are an engineering school 2nd or 3rd year student and your main passion is Computer Science and software development. You can code in Java and Python. You have a strong interest in development tools, software development methodology and the Open Source movement.
  • You are a thorough and reliable person, you are not afraid of technical complexity, you pay attention to details, and you like efficient code that also “looks beautiful”.
  • You are proficient in English and French.