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Splunk's Cloud group is looking for a Site Reliability Engineering Intern to help maintain, contribute to and improve the next generation of our large scale Cloud offering. You will be working with large scale cloud providers and supporting the infrastructure that powers Splunk’s cloud offering.

Requisiti principali:
  • You have some hands on experience with operating systems (particularly Linux) and networking. You might also have worked with Cloud technologies. 
  • You probably enjoyed modules in Uni that deal with distributed systems, or that think about the way in which systems interact. You like following a problem all the way down to the root and constantly ask ‘why’ things work the way they do.   
  • You are interested in how to bring something from a small one off task to how to implement it across several thousand machines at once.
  • We have code in several languages, ranging from Go to Python to Shell. We don’t expect you to be a software engineer but you should be familiar with basic programming and understand concepts like input sanitisation and unit testing. 
  • You’re fundamentally interested in how computers operate. You’re interested in how memory is allocated, what exactly the CPU is doing and how, or what kind of storage performs best for a given task.  
  • You are returning to University upon completion of the internship