Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 04/10/2019 Dow, Campus Internship: Understanding sensitivity of film properties to extrusion conditions as a function of resin molecular composition

Dow Chemical Ibérica
Autovia de Tarragona a Salou, s/n, Tarragona, Spagna
Progettazione/Ricerca & Sviluppo, Biologia/Chimica/Farmaceutica
6 mesi. Inizio 1. semestre 2020. 
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You will work in a technical and research environment where the main scope is to try to improve existing applications where polyethylene, polyurethane or acrylic chemistry is used with the final aim of improving the sustainability footprint and the resource efficiency. You will participate in training during the first week of your internship. This training program will expose you to our culture and provide you with a knowledge base to draw upon throughout the remainder of your internship and beyond.

Requisiti principali:
  • You are currently studying for a Master's Degree or equivalent in chemical engineering, material science, polymer science or chemistry.
  • You have a good working knowledge of English.
  • Any experience acquired in previous internships while working in a laboratory are a plus.