Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 25/10/2019 Airbus, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms development for flight computers

Rue des Cosmonautes 31, Toulouse, Francia
6 mesi. Inizio febbraio 2020. 
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You will be joining the department « Architecture of avionics computer » which activities include

  • The architecture definition of future flight computers
  • Safety validation of flight computers
  • Research on future flight computers especially Machine Learning algorithms

The objective of the internship is to provide solution for embedding Artificial Intelligence algorithms inside the aircraft with respect to avionics constraints

Requisiti principali:

You are preparing a diploma level Bac+ 5 in Engineering  or equivalent, with specialisation in computer science or artificial intelligence and you obtain following competences:

  • English: ADVANCE
  • First Experience in developing solution with Machine Learning Algorithm inside and/or developing application for an embedded processor
  • You are interested in aeronautics safety
  • You have a good knowledge of how to implement AI inference algorithms and processor architecture (MANDATORY SKILLS)
  • You are able to use proficiently such tools as C, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch (ALL ARE MANDATORY for this internship)