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ICC - International Criminal Court
Oude Waalsdorperweg, 10, The Hague, Paesi Bassi
Legale/Affari internazionali
3-6 mesi  
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The Office of the Director of the Division of Judicial Services consists of the following sections:  Detention Section, Victims Participation and Reparations Section, Counsel Support Section, Information Management Services Section, Court Management Section, Language Services Section, Office of Public Counsel for the Defence, Office of Public Counsel for Victims. The Office of the Director is responsible for the supervision of its sections and activities related thereto, in particular:

  • the detention and the fundamental rights of the detainees
  • the administration and management of the victims participation and reparations and contacts with the intermediaries, NGOs and international organisations
  • the Counsel, management of their relationships with the Court and the International Criminal Court Bar Association, administration of legal aid
  • the information management including new technologies, the ICC library
  • the support of the judicial activities such as organization of courtroom hearings, management of documents filed before the Chambers  as well as the   representation of the Registrar at the hearings;
  • providing efficient interpretation and translation including in particular the obligations related to the testimonies in uncommon languages.
    Interns providing services in the Office of the Director, Division of Judicial Services would be required to perform the following duties:
  • Conduct legal research on all matters related to the mandate of the Division.
  • Provide support  to Sections of the Division on specific projects related to their mandate
  • Follow all the cases before the Court;
  • Provide summaries of important filings and where required, an in-depth analysis of relevant decisions;
  • Attend, on behalf of the Office of the Director, the Guest lectures which are regularly hosted by the Office of the Prosecutor in which prominent speakers are invited to speak about current issues in international law which relate to the work of the Court;
  • Draft correspondences;
  • Draft memoranda;
  • Assist with managing the Court’s list of experts database; and
  • Provide administrative assistance when required.
  • In order to complete these services access will be granted to the Court’s own library as well as its wide range of legal databases.
Requisiti principali:


Education: All candidates must have a degree or be in the final stages of their studies at a recognised university in the area of law, international relations or other relevant field. Candidates are expected to have a very good record of academic performance.

Experience: Internship placements focus on candidates in the early stages of their professional careers therefore; practical experience is not an essential prerequisite for selection.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Maintains a service-orientated attitude at all times.
  • Has a genuine interest in international law, particularly international criminal law, and legal research.
  • Able to adapt to multicultural and multilingual working environments.
  • Possesses strong teamwork skills (listens, consults and communicates proactively).
  • Has acquired a good standard of computer skills (including Microsoft Office applications).

Knowledge of Languages: Proficiency in either of the working languages of the Court (French or English) is required. Knowledge of another official language of the Court (Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish) is an asset.