Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 25/11/2019 Danfoss, Intern, Connected Solutions, Digital Displacement

50 Lothian Road Festival Square, Edinburgh, Regno Unito
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This project aims to create, develop, and deliver new digital services for off-highway vehicles that utilize our new Digital Displacement® pump product line. Danfoss is bringing a new hydraulic pump product to the market that is heavily sensorized as well as configured and controlled by software. This creates a unique opportunity to leverage the large amounts of data used to control the pump for other uses at the vehicle level.
Intern Role Description: SW developer who can work in a team with developers, sales, and product marketing staff to create, develop, and demonstrate customer focused solutions enabled by Digital Displacement product technology.

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Software development, web services development and delivery, REST APIs, working with marketing, product engineering, system engineering, or software engineering.