Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 18/12/2019 Airbus, Internship within Preliminary Aircraft System Definition and Integration

Airbus Defence and Space
Rechliner Str., Manching, Germania
3-6 mesi  
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For an ongoing research project at Airbus Defence and Space, the parametric CAD environment Descartes is being developed. Descartes is written in C++ using the open source library OpenCascade. With Descartes full aircraft models can be defined via high level components (e.g. wings, fuselages). To satisfy the needs of the aircraft design process at Airbus Defence and Space, this framework allows automatic generation of analysis models that can be employed for different design disciplines. The parameter based geometry definition enables time efficient concept studies during early design phases.

Currently Descartes is being extended to support the architecture of preliminary system design. It is desired to assess the required system volume and the placement of different components due to redundancy requirements. The internship will involve a study of different definition types of aircraft systems based on the CPACS (parametric data format by DLR) definition. Descartes will be extended to read the desired system definition and with the data available and the corresponding geometric representation should be constructed.

Requisiti principali:
  • Enrolled student within Information Technology, Industrial Engineering, Engineering / Avionics or similar field of study
  • Experience with CAD
  • Object oriented programming know how (C++ or Python)
  • Experience with CPACS (optional)
  • English: negotiation level
  • German: basic
  • You are a good team player, have excellent communication skills, and are able to work independently.