Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 09/01/2020 Boeing, Intern - Autonomous Operations and Airspace Integration Research

Vigo, Spagna
Informatica/ICT, Engineering
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The successful candidate will contribute to research projects exploring novel concepts for contingency management applicable to UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles) operating in shared airspaces, including solutions for situations of Loss of Engine, Loss GPS Navigation and Loss of Separation with other aircraft. The candidate will work with a high fidelity air traffic simulation tools that will be used to test some the contingency management solutions being developed.

Requisiti principali:

We expect the successful candidate to have experience or interest in learning software programming (e.g. Python, Matlab or C++,) air traffic simulation environments and flight simulators (e.g. X-Plane) and knowledge or interest in current regulations and standards to be applied in the European UAV operations and industry.

We offer the opportunity to gain experience in a team of researchers working to solve real problems for the UAV industry through the use of innovative technologies to provide value to the industry and society as a whole.