Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 12/02/2020 EUMETSAT, Internship on Optimisation of antenna scheduling for regional direct broadcast services

Eumetsat Allee 1, Darmstadt, Germania
Progettazione/Ricerca & Sviluppo, Engineering, Ecologia e ambiente
fino a 6 mesi (da aprile) 
Minimum wage per i neolaureati; per gli studenti indennità giornaliera e contributo al viaggio/alloggio
L'offerta scade il 01/03/2020
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  • Understand how EUMETSAT approaches scheduling antenna usage, both currently for the existing regional services (EARS) and what is planned for the EPS-SG regional mission;
  • Understand how NOAA/CIMSS approaches scheduling antenna usage for their Direct Broadcast Real-Time Network (DBRTN);
  • Understand how the scheduling of antennas is performed for the six Australian reception stations in mainland Australia and Antarctica;
  • Investigate whether the polar weather satellite data exchange tool Trollcast offers an alternative approach to scheduling antenna usage for regional direct broadcast services;
  • Compare and contrast the various antenna scheduling approaches;
  • Prepare a report summarising the activities undertaken, the information gleaned and discussing potential improvements to existing scheduling strategy.
Requisiti principali:
  • The intern should have studied either physics, meteorology, geography, environmental science or a related engineering discipline. To support this project, it is not necessary for the intern to be a post-graduate.
  • Candidates must be able to work effectively in English and have some knowledge of French.
  • The intern must be ready to work confidently in English, and be able to prepare a final report in a clear, concise style.
  • The intern should be comfortable working with people from various professional and cultural backgrounds, and be capable of completing some tasks alone.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Ability to work independently under guidance.

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