Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 12/02/2020 European Forest Institute, Mapping disturbance risk management actors in Europe

EFI - European Forest Institute
Platz der Vereinten Nationen 7, Bonn, Germania
Ecologia e ambiente
3 mesi  
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As part of the SURE project (Sustaining and Enhancing Resilience of European Forests), a survey will be carried out to map disturbance risk management actors in European countries: which organizations are in charge of wildfire, wind storm, or biotic risk management at the national to local level? How are good practices in disturbance risk management identified and communicated?
The trainee will support the data collection, process survey responses and contribute to the presentation of results.
Additional tasks of the internship include processing of workshop outputs on wildfire risk management and supporting the organization of final conference of SURE “Collaboration – key to forest disturbance management in a new decade”.

Requisiti principali:


MSc studies of forest sciences or related disciplines. Experiences with Survey monkey or decision support tools is a benefit.

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