Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 13/02/2020 EUMESTAT, Internship on Knowledge sharing: best practices in the use of Eumetsat data & products in developing countries

Eumetsat Allee 1, Darmstadt, Germania
Legale/Affari internazionali, Comunicazione/Marketing, Ecologia e ambiente, Solidarietà/Diritti umani
fino a 6 mesi (da aprile/maggio) 
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In line with its Strategy, EUMETSAT is supporting various activities and project for developing countries, with a focus on Africa, Western Balkan and Eastern European countries. The objective is to help the users to get easier access to, and make best use of, EUMETSAT data, products and services to help individual countries and regions to meet their respective needs. In recent years, EUMETSAT has also extended these activities to support access and use of Copernicus data, with a focus on the Sentinel mission operated by EUMETSAT.

After learning on activities and projects undertaken by EUMETSAT in support to developing countries, the project will consist in identifying, listing and illustrating best practices for accessing and using EUMETSAT data and products, across the various regions and user communities. The findings will be organised in a database that can be shared openly (web-based), so that other users can learn from these best practices, and thus supporting the spread of knowledge.
The intern will work mainly with the Strategy, Communication and International Relations (SCIR) division. The intern will also interact with other divisions at EUMETSAT (e.g. User Service Division). The intern will also be in contact with some EUMETSAT users in developing countries, either through interview or in person during meeting or Fora.


  • Desktop search;
  • Interview with EUMETSAT staff involved in activities in support to developing countries;
  • Interview of users;
  • Establishment of an open database;
  • Showcasing some good practices (e.g. via social media);
  • Organisation and preparation of meetings;
  • Participation (and contribution) to User Forum, more specifically the EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa, in September 2020.
Requisiti principali:
  • University degree in Meteorology or in Earth Observation applications;
  • University degree in political science, or development aid;
  • Candidates must be able to work effectively in English and have some knowledge of French;
  • Interest in development aid programme;
  • Experience in developing countries will be an asset;
  • Good communication skill, with acquaintance with social media;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Learning Orientated;
  • Problem Solver and analytical skills;
  • Planning and Organising skills;
  • Ability to work independently under guidance.

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