Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 14/02/2020 EUMESTAT, Internship on Verification/validation of climate data records

Eumetsat Allee 1, Darmstadt, Germania
Informatica/ICT, Engineering
fino a 4 mesi, da maggio 
Minimum wage per i neolaureati; per gli studenti indennità giornaliera e contributo al viaggio/alloggio
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EUMETSAT is committed to support the operational monitoring of climate and the detection of global climate change. As part of this commitment, EUMETSAT provides consistent atmospheric Climate Data Records (CDR) from its operational satellites in low earth and geostationary orbits.
EUMETSAT is also reusing its AMV processing capability to reprocess Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs) derived using images from all AVHRR instruments that have flown on-board several low earth orbiting satellites (NOAA and Metop). This allows having a very long time series starting in 1978. In 2020, a comprehensive evaluation of the AMV data record quality employing independent in situ and other satellite data products including the LAC data for Metop-A and -B will be done.
The validation/verification of the EUMETSAT CDR is done by the Climate Service team in USC.

The internship will bring the candidate directly to the action of the USC team and represents a perfect opportunity for a student to discover EUMETSAT reprocessing activities, learn about validation strategies and to apply some statistics methodology to real data sets. It will teach that careful analysis of reprocessed data is mandatory and essential before they can be used with confidence in climate science. This project intends to help with the validation of the CDRs and in particular AMVs.


  • The intern's work will be focused on satellite data and products analysis;
  • The intern should will work with a unix environment and know Python.
  • The final internship report will be written in English.
Requisiti principali:
  • University degree in Atmospheric physics, computing, mathematics. On-going Master degree is advantageous.
  • Candidates must be able to work effectively in English and have some knowledge of French.
  • Python programming skills.
  • Some experience with a Unix/Linux environment are mandatory.
  • Experience with Earth data analysis would be very useful as well as a basic knowledge of the Earth climate.
  • Knowledge on database usage will be a plus.
  • Ability to apply some new methodology.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Ability to work independently under guidance.


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