Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 07/06/2020 AMOLF, Scientific Internship/Master thesis project: Development of microfluidic device for detecting immune cell interactions for combating antimicrobial resistance

Science Park 104, Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi
9 mesi. Inizio ottobre 2020 - gennaio 2021. 
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The goal of this project is to develop a new microfluidic chip to separate individual cell types based on their size, shape, and electrical properties . Established methods to purify cell samples are flow cytometric and magnetic sorting. However, these require the a priori knowledge of cellular markers, are sensitive to changes in surface antigens (that may be induced during infection), and require high-cost equipment (FACS machines, antibodies). In your Master project in the Ganzinger group, you will therefore develop a microdevice that does not rely on binding of probes to specific surface molecules but uses the biophysical properties of cells for their separation by applied flow or in an electric field.

Requisiti principali:


  • You already have a Bachelor’s degree in physics, (biomedical) engineering or a related discipline and now participate in a Master study in one of these areas.
  • Some experience with microfluidics, CAD design or electronics design would be an advantage
  • You should like the idea of working in a collaborative, ambitious and international environment.
  • Formalities: the internship has to be a mandatory part of your curriculum. You have a nationality of an EU-member state and/or you are a student at a Dutch University. You must be available for at least 9 months – this project would be ideal for a Master’s thesis.


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