Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 07/06/2020 AMOLF, Scientific Internship: Fluidic control of soft robots

Science Park 104, Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi
Informatica/ICT, Engineering
4-6 mesi 
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You will gain the numerical and analytical skills necessary to analyse fluid-driven soft robots. You will learn how to design and fabricate soft robots by casting and 3D printing techniques, and you will learn experimental techniques for measuring and characterizing the performance of fluid-driven actuators. The exact research line will depend on your background and interest, but there will be enough guidance from the members of the group with different specializations ranging from engineering to physics with additional technical support.

Requisiti principali:

The internship is open to candidates from a range of backgrounds, including Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, electrical engineering, or a related field. Preferably, you have an experimental background, in combination with a sound appetite for analytical work. Experience with control and/or electronic circuit analysis is an advantage, but not required. Excellent verbal and written communication skills (in English) are essential. The internship must be a mandatory part of your curriculum. You have a nationality of an EU-member state and/or you are a student at a Dutch University.

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