Pubblicato su stage4eu il: 20/11/2020 European Space Agency, Intern in the Mechanical Department / Propulsion, Aerothermodynamics and Flight Vehicles Engineering

ESA - ESTEC, European Space Agency - European Space Research and Technology Centre
Keplerlaan 1, Noordwijk, Paesi Bassi
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1) Topic 1: TEC-MPA

The Trainee will work on the architecture design, analysis and technical assessment of space transportation vehicles for suborbital, orbital and exploration applications, including upper stages, (re)-entry, expendable, and reusable vehicles. The selected Trainee will conduct feasibility and viability assessments, as well as quick design iterations using the tools and facilities of the Section. The Trainee will perform development and testing activities related to flight vehicles, flight physics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics engineering.


2) Topic 2: TEC-MPE

Overview of the field of activity proposed:


   1. -Support to Electrical Propulsion Lab (EPL)
The trainee should support the recursive tasks present in the EPL such as: certification and calibration of devices, installation of new equipment, inwards goods control and validation, preparation of auditories and cooperation in tests requiring qualified personnel, among others.
He/she will be integrated to the EPL team and assigned to the correspondent projects. He will develop through the internal EPL hierarchy of duties and responsibilities, and will be taught in diagnostic systems for electric thrusters, vacuum chamber operations and test procedures.

   2. - Micro-Newton Thrust Balance
The trainee will join the micro Newton Thrust Balance project. He will integrate the actual team in the last steps of validation of the device. He will participate in the performance of tests and post-processing of data, and will help in the preparation of the test plans and reports. It will proportionate the trainee good assets in operation of the lab, vacuum chambers and installation and operation of thrusters.

   3. - Study of improving time life on electric thrusters. Mini-ion applied to real life operation conditions
The trainee will be instructed in the operation of the Mini-ion thruster property of TEC-MPE. He/she will use it to analyze different conditions, materials and components in real life operating conditions tests. He/she will study data from these tests in order to assess possible improvements in the operating lifetime of electric thrusters.


Exceptionally this year, due to the uncertainties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the student internship programme will be offered remotely, with interns working from their place of residence, not hosted at an ESA site. Some Universities might not authorise remote internships, we recommend to consult your university's requirements for compulsory internships. This decision has been taken in response to the COVID-19 measures currently in place in ESA Member States, Associate Member States and Cooperating States and also across ESA establishments.

Requisiti principali:



Candidates must have student status and be enrolled at university for the entire duration of the internship. Applicants should preferably be in their final or second to last year of a University course at Masters Level in a technical or scientific discipline.

Additional Requirements

The working languages of the Agency are English and French. A good knowledge of one of these is required. Knowledge of another Member State language would be an asset.


The topics listed above respectively require such educational knowledge as: 


Topic 1: TEC-MPA
Knowledge and background in Engineering Software tools (ECOSIM pro, CATIA, ASTOS, Fluent3D, etc) is an asset.


Topic 2: TEC-MPE:
Physics, mechanical, aeronautical or electrical engineering. 

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