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2, Place de la Coupole, Courbevoie, Francia
6 mesi 
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  • Part 1: gather under the same roof all available data
    - Assess the data available on the W:// drive (local drive) and elsewhere.
    - Work closely with the Metiers and the Copenhagen office to work on the same database and structure of the data.
    - Gather, clean and sort out technical data and collect references associated with it.
    - Develop a form to enter new data.
    - Ensure to make it simple.

    • Part 2: issue a new comer handbook specific to our entity
    - Collect relevant data from the last 3 years and save them onto PlantSuite.
    - Structure a welcoming handbook with relevant information and tools.
    - Review it with the Metiers.
Requisiti principali:
  • Vous préparez un diplôme d'ingénieur avec une spécialité dans le Data Management
  • Vous avez un niveau d'anglais intermédiaire.
  • Connaissances techniques et informatiques: data management
  • Les savoir-faire indispensables: use of IT data management software, use of excel